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I'm not good to speak+understand english.
but I can try!

☛ Will ♥ Sonny ☚
love this couple from Days of our lives!
☛ Christian ♥ Oliver ☚
perfect couple from Verboten Liebe!

Dylan O’Brien accepting Breakthrough Actor at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

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The life of a third wheel

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"Is there a problem with my burger?"

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omfg zoe



but honestly this is so accurate. and also its scary that Nan looks like Audino

Wait WHY THE FUCK IS ZOE MAGIKARP!? Lol. If anything Madison should be a Chandelure or something.

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When Rihanna and the make-up puts on this happen

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They say the pack is led by a monstrous she-wolf, a stalking shadow grim and grey and huge. They will tell you that she has been known to bring aurochs down all by herself, that no trap nor snare can hold her, that she fears neither steel nor fire, slays any wolf that tries to mount her, and devours no other flesh but man. 

get to know me meme: [1/10] female characters - Arya Stark


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Animals you never knew existed!

1) Maned Wolf

2) Pink Fairy Armadillo

3) Patagonian Mara

4) Raccoon Dog

5) Sunda Colugo

6) Irrawaddy Dolphin

are these pokemon


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